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Kitchen Trends: Two-Toned Cabinetry

Step into a new age of kitchen design with two-toned cabinetry. Mixing colors and finishes gives your kitchen a trendy contrast that captures attention. The opportunities are endless giving you the chance to hone into your style to create a unique space that brings your home to life.

Mixing Upper and Lower Cabinet Tones

Changing up the tones of upper and lower cabinets is an emerging trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Using lighter tones on the upper cabinets opens the space while keeping the lower cabinets as the focal point.

Contrasting Island Cabinetry

Introducing an eye-catching center island brings dimension and style to the centerpiece of your home. Mix and match with wood perimeter cabinets and a painted island that complement the design of the rest of your kitchen.

Whether you are mixing woods with paints or two different colored paints, stick to lighter tones on the perimeter. This adds depth that creates a feeling of space, especially in smaller kitchens.

Tips and Tricks to an Epic Two-Toned Kitchen:

  • Try changing up the hardware to take this trend to the next level

  • Use bright colors on the exterior and upper cabinets to create space in a small kitchen

  • Choose complementary colors to create a distinct separation

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