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Before, after, and everything in-between with Ovation Cabinetry.

We know how much people love “before” and “after” pictures of remodeled spaces. We love those pictures, too, regardless of whether we did the project or not. Before and After photos highlight the inspiration and creativity needed to achieve the customer's dream space. We know very well what it takes to get from “before” to “after,” and we do it with each of our projects. In this blog post, we wanted to highlight the process from concept to completion of renovating a space with Ovation Cabinetry.

Designer: Robert Fairless, CornerStone Home Design | San Francisco, CA


With a lot of the projects that Ovation Cabinetry takes on we incorporate custom items. With this kitchen in particular we were lucky to be able to work with a talented designer, Robert Fairless, on this complicated project as he shared his in-depth knowledge and expertise to produce the amazing final result. We asked Ovation’s Joe W. Lorentz about working with Robert and he had this to say.

“Robert is just an all-around great person. I love working with him. His understanding of cabinetry and design allows him to take our product and create a functional space while making it unique and beautiful. He has “it” when it comes to design.”


Customers wants:

  • Updated Modern farmhouse look

  • Functional for entertaining

  • An open floor plan that seamlessly flowed into the other areas of the house

  • Large Island with butcher block countertop

  • Storage within kitchen, living room, and dining area

  • Open and hidden shelving that looked beautiful both ways

The Process:

The process of this kitchen began with the designer working closely with the homeowner to understand exactly what their wants and needs were as well as the vision they had for their space. After many in-depth conversations and consultations, the designer and homeowner decided on an open floor plan by removing a wall and opening the kitchen into the living room. They chose a modern farmhouse style that would continue on throughout the dining room and living room.

Within this remodel designer Robert Fairless worked closely with Ovation to create functional yet beautiful storage with customizations such as:

  • dining room storage with glass doors

  • hidden/open pantry with folding door

  • butcher block island counter

  • built-in stovetop

The cabinets chosen for this kitchen were modern but timeless wood Amenity and Ovation Traditional cabinets with a clean and bright white finish and pops of bright wood sprinkled throughout the rooms to add color and depth while matching the rest of the floor. Once the cabinets and finish were selected floor plans and renderings were created to see exactly how the cabinets would be assembled and look within the space.


Out of the many projects Ovation Cabinetry has completed, this kitchen with Robert and CornerStone Home Design is amongst our favorites.

If you're looking for new cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom, reach out to find a dealer near you.


Ovation Cabinetry is a manufacturer of quality, custom cabinetry with nationwide distribution.


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