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Condo Living: Trust Your Designer

Condo kitchen with custom Ovation mahogany cabinets

An open floor plan is perfect for the downtown condo lifestyle.

Entertaining is part of that lifestyle and this design allows everyone to be in the same area at the same time A true community experience each and every time friends and family visit.

A tip when working with a designer on your space: Trust them.

Provide them with "your vision" and let them use their expertise and experience to design your space. They are professionals and understand design, layout, texture combinations, and storage needs.

When I look at this design I instantly am able to see my friends and family having a great time in this space.

This project includes Mahogany with a stain/dragged glaze combination and white back-painted glass.

Ovation Cabinetry is a manufacturer of quality, custom cabinetry with nationwide distribution.


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